Clintonville Neighborhood Greenways

We're building a network of streets in Clintonville where people biking and walking are given priority.

It's in My

Clintonville Neighborhood Greenways is a grassroots project initiated by residents of Clintonville for the residents of Clintonville.

It Connects Me to
Where I Want to Go

Clintonville Neighborhood Greenways connect to restaurants, shopping, schools, Whetstone Park, the library, and much more.

It's Safe for Me
and My Family

Neighborhood Greenways make streets slower and quieter, improving safety for everyone and making our neighborhood more livable.

Phase 1 is Red (September 2018). Future expansion is Blue.

A network of streets for people

Clintonville Neighborhood Greenways are a network of streets where people biking and walking are given priority. These slower, quieter streets create safe routes to bike and walk around Clintonville without using High Street or Indianola. This encourages more people to bike and walk to work, to shop, to socialize, and to just have fun.

Neighborhood Greenways are designed to feel safe for people of all ages and abilities. They appeal to a large cross-section of people, sometimes referred to as the “bike curious”, who would bike and walk more if they felt safe on the roads.

Greenways benefit the whole neighborhood

  • By creating a quieter, more pleasant street environment that improves safety for everyone.
  • By building a stronger sense of community and neighborhood identity. With more people biking and walking, there are more opportunities for social encounters where neighbors and friends can meet and interact. These impromptu meetings make the neighborhood friendlier, safer, and more pleasant for everyone.
  • By encouraging increased patronage of local businesses. People biking and walking visit local businesses more frequently and spend more money over time than people using other types of transportation.
  • By raising property values. Studies consitently show that greenways and shared use paths increase home values. The National Association of Homebuilders and the National Association of Realtors report that greenways are one of the top amenities homebuyers want.
  • By creating more "eyes on the street". More people and a slower street environment result in more awareness of neighborhood activities.

Greenways are a proven solution

Neighborhood Greenways are a proven solution to improve safety and mobility for people biking and walking. Cities with neighborhood greenways include Rochester NY, Minneapolis MN, Madison WI, Columbia MO, Wilmington NC, Gainesville FL, Tulsa OK, Tucson AZ, Albuquerque NM, Seattle WA, Berkeley CA, and Portland OR.

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About us

Clintonville Neighborhood Greenways was started by 5 residents of Clintonville: Will Koehler, Alex Smith, Emily Monnig, Mike Anderson, and Brian Laliberte. We are inspired by a shared vision of a community bustling with people; a neighborhood where streets are shared safely by everyone, walking, biking, and driving.

If you have questions, or want to get involved, please contact us:

We're ready to ride the greenway