Shops along High Street in Clintonville. Photo: Will Koehler
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New Bike Parking in Clintonville

Convenient bike parking is good for local businesses

One of the major obstacles to a more bike-infused lifestyle is a lack of designated parking near restaurants, stores, salons, and other favorite businesses. Leaving your bike chained to a parking meter, tree, or fence is risky (not to mention, unsightly).

Designated bike parking gives people a safe and convenient place to park their bike. Because bike racks take up little space, people can ride right up to the front door and have a safe place to lock up their bicycles. This encourages more people to bike which reduces traffic congestion and parking hassles for people that arrive by car. Everyone benefits.

Clintonville Neighborhood Greenways is working with local businesses and the City of Columbus to add more bike parking in Clintonville. We are sending volunteers to local businesses to show them how easy it is to request a free bike rack from the city.

If you run a business in Clintonville and we haven’t visited you yet, requesting a free bike rack from the city is easy:

  1. Call the City of Columbus (614)645-3111 and request a bicycle rack. They will ask you for the address where you are requesting to have a rack installed.

  2. Infrastructure Management will follow-up on your request. Check your mail and phone messages for any possible follow-up questions.

  3. Notify the owner of the property at the address where you are requesting a rack. They may need to approve the request before Infrastructure Management can proceed with the installation.

  4. Welcome customers on bikes to park in front of your business!

Have a question about how bike parking can improve your business and make our neighborhood more livable? Contact us at: